Bluestone Crusher

Bluestone Crusher
  • Processing Equipment:Mobile crushing and screening equipment, stationary crushing and screening equipment
  • Processing range:Graded gravel, commercial mixture
  • Scope of application:Building construction, water conservancy project

Material introduction

Bluestone is a kind of gray or off-white sedimentary rock (about 15% of the lithosphere) generated in the Haihu Basin in the earth's crust. It is an important component of carbonate rocks. Bluestone is cut into slabs by masons from deep mountains and is widely used in living room table tops or cabinet counters. Compared with natural marble, bluestone has the advantage of being mainly composed of calcium carbonate, no pollution and no radiation; bluestone is also an ideal material for the construction industry It is widely used in various fields such as highways, railways, and construction sand.

Process advantage

1.Green environmental protection, energy saving and low consumption

2.Optimized process design, tailor-made, strong practicability

3.Stable overall operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance

4.The design is reasonable, the investment is cost-effective, and the cost is low

On-site product map

Bluestone Crusher
Bluestone Crusher

Application field

The products and production lines designed by our experienced engineers have a wide range of applications. They are used in mining crushed stone processing, finished aggregates, machine-made sand, construction waste recycling, refractory materials, building materials, cement, roads and bridges, highways, choose Dongmeng Machinery, let customers rest assured and at ease

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